Sääntömääräinen syyskokous 2019

Primus Collegium/ December 10, 2019/ / 0 comments

Hyvät yhdistyksen jäsenet, Primus Collegium Ry kutsuu jäsenensä sääntömääräiseen syyskokoukseen 10.12.2019 kello 18.00. Syyskokouksesta erityisen tekee HALLITUSVAALIT kaudelle 2020! Hallitukseen voi hakea kuka tahansa yhdistyksen jäsen vuosikurssista riippumatta. Kannustamme järjestötoiminnasta kiinnostuneita jäseniämme hakemaan ja osallistumaan yhdistyksen kehittämiseen. Hallituksen virkoihin voi tutustua osoitteessa https://www.primuscollegium.fi/the-board/. Lisätietoja voi kysellä nykyisen hallituksen jäseniltä. Hakulomake hallitusvirkoihin löytyy tästä: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ya1MX-kiptKrBSifYvcvb_cMgy4E6-FJxAf2inz_3Q0 Jos et tällä kertaa hae hallituksen

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Primus Cruise to Stockholm

Primus Collegium/ December 1, 2019/ / 0 comments

Ahoy, sailors of Primus! The annual Primus Cruise is here! Join us to the legendary cruise sailing the Baltic Sea with Silja Symphony. You can now sign-up to the cruise via Google form (link below), but before signing up figure out who you want to share the cabin with (max 4 people per cabin) Don’t miss this great opportunity to

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Halloween -sitsit

Primus Collegium/ October 31, 2019/ / 0 comments

🎃Uuuu spooky time!!🧠🕸 Halloween is just around the corner and Primus is proud to invite y’all to our annual Halloween-sitsit! Tickets will include real food from a real restaurant and some sitsi-drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). But we won’t provide all of your refreshment so bring some of your own if needed! You will also get an overall badge (haalarimerkki) at

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American House Party

Primus Collegium/ October 12, 2019/ / 0 comments

Roses are red, Ditch the essays, smarty! You’re gonna join us for an American house party!🇺🇸 What do we mean by American house party? If you have watched teen movies, you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, come see for yourself. We’ll be playing games and mingling around while feeling the spirit of the American dream! All

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Excursion to Roschier

Primus Collegium/ September 30, 2019/ / 0 comments

Primus would like to welcome you back from the summer break by introducing you to the one of the biggest law firms in Finland, Roschier. Roschier is a law firm that Åke Roschier-Holmberg created and built on a strong set of values. Since the very beginning, Roschier’s most central value has been an absolute commitment to professional ethics and to

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Primus Fuksiaiset 2019

Primus Collegium/ September 27, 2019/ / 0 comments

Are you ready for the Amazing Race? This year the freshmen shall compete in teams using wit, agility, speed, creativity, and bribery as their tools. First, you shall meet the tutors at 15.45 at Kukontori (front of the school). Primus Collegium will introduce the program of the day and explain the rules of the game properly. Each team has its

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Fall Olympics 2019 HEBS vs Primus

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It’s time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the Fall Olympics 2019! – SIGN UP below Primus and Hebs are competing against each other to find out who is the greatest of them all. Olympic games consist of different games where great teamwork is the key to success. Tasks require both physical skills and mental knowledge. Everyone is assumed

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Meet & Mingle

Primus Collegium/ September 5, 2019/ / 0 comments

Welcome to the first Primus event of the year! At meet & mingle the freshmen have a chance to get to know each other and their upperclassmen better. Also, the freshmen have a chance to try on some overalls and order them for themselves. Sample-overalls are available at the campus and also there will be patches for sale! After that

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Spring meeting 2019 – Sääntömääräinen kevätkokous

Primus Collegium/ May 27, 2019/ / 0 comments

Meeting invitation! Welcome fellow students, Primus will be having its annual Spring meeting on the 27th of May at 17.00 at Meeting Park Campus. The agenda will consist of the following: the annual report, the financial statement and the statement of the auditors for the previous term are processed, the financial statement is confirmed, and discharging those liable for the

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Primus Collegium Excursion to Bird&Bird

Primus Collegium/ May 27, 2019/ / 0 comments

Primus fun hasn’t ended yet, since we have one more exciting excursion ahead before the summer break! Bird & Bird is an international law firm with a focus on helping organisations being changed by technology and the digital world. With over 1300 lawyers in 29 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and North America. Well known for its intellectual

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