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“Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society has initiated a Bachelor’s programme in law, taught in Helsinki, to provide the students with the most relevant and highest quality programme in order to meet the needs of our rapidly changing and globalizing world.”

Interested in applying to Tallinn University Law School in Helsinki? Great! Firstly, check out these links. There is some important information about the law programme and how to apply for the programme.

Course Outline

The Law programme is offered in Tallinn and in Helsinki. Courses are scheduled on weekends in Helsinki (Thursday-Saturday) and the nominal time to complete the programme is six semesters. The programme is composed of compulsory law courses, module specific courses, and law electives. The programme offers two modules, European and International Law, and Finnish Law (offered only in Helsinki). Further, the programme includes compulsory practical training – giving students an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom by working under the direction of a practicing legal professional. In the final year of study, students participate in an interdisciplinary project and have an option to take ‘Advanced Legal Writing and Research’, a course in which students produce a scholarly research paper – similar to a thesis – on a topical legal issue. At the end of the programme, students must successfully defend the final thesis.  

BA Law (studies in Helsinki)

Study locationFinland, Helsinki
TypeUndergraduate, full-time
Nominal duration3 years
Study languageEnglish

How to apply?

Application Fee
The application fee is 80 euros.

Tuition fee
€2,176.00 per semester

Application deadline?
Applicants who have obtained general secondary level qualification in Finland can apply up to 5th of August 2019 (23:59 GMT).
For other EU/EEA applicants the deadline is 1st of July 2019

How to apply?
First you need to register as an applicant on
After this you can start applying to the BA Law Studies in Helsinki programme

Entry qualification

High school / Secondary education (or higher)

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Estonian.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

Finnish secondary education diplomas (Lukion Päättötodistus and Ylioppilastutkintotodistus) are accepted in the original language (Finnish).

It is required that you send verified copies of the entry qualification documents directly to the university by postal mail, according to the instructions given by the institution. Important! Never send original documents by post!

Academic Affairs Office
Tallinn University
Narva mnt 25
Tallinn 10120

Language requirements


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) academic: 5.5

Cambridge English tests:
B2 First (First Certificate in English): 162
C1 Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English): 162
C2 Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English) : 162

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign language) paper version: 543, internet based: 72, (Tallinn University Code number is: 0449).

PTE academic (Pearson test of English): 51

More information about language proficiency requirements is available at

Language test can also be carried out at Tallinn University for EU/EEA citizens.

Students coming from Finland don’t have to prove their language proficiency if they have at least “cum laude approbatur” (pitkä oppimäärä) in their matriculation certificate.

Students coming from Latvia do not have to prove their language proficiency for B2 level if they have at least grade “A” or “B” in their General Secondary Education Certificate.

Students graduated from International Baccalaureate studies with ENGLISH B Level HL at least grade 6 or ENGLISH A Level with at least grade 5 do not have to prove their English proficiency for B2 level.

Other requirements

  • The entrance exam consists of a written assignment (a motivation letter that includes answers to the questions concerning the motivation and desire to study at the program) and an interview via Skype.
  • For the purposes of identity verification at the admission procedure the admission committee has the right to take a screenshot during the oral part of the exam carried out via video bridge.
  • The maximum number of points is 100 (50% written, 50% oral part).
  • Students receiving at least 30 points of the written part are allowed to the oral interview.
  • BA: Minimum programme enrollment threshold: 65 points out of 100

The applicant’s written answers to the questions (written assignment) should be provided before a Skype interview under the motivation letter section. A motivation letter must be added to your application.

Please submit a concise and exact answer (max 200 words per question) to the following questions: 

1. The choice of the study programme: Why Tallinn University? Why Law BA programme? What courses of the program are you most interested in?
2. Previous experience and studies: What were your favourite subjects at school? Why? Do you have previous work experience? If yes, give a short overview. 
3. Your plans after BA studies: Where do you see yourself in three years? How will the BA studies help your career? 
What do you hope to study at the program?
4. Knowledge of the field: What are the basic global problems in the field of law today? What area of law interest you the most and why?
5. How do you plan to finance your studies?

NB! Plagiarised motivation letters are not accepted in any form and will be failed.

Students with long-term medical conditions*, may encounter obstacles in higher education. Aiming to provide equal education students have the opportunity to apply for adjustments to compensate for the disadvantage that their condition may result in. Lectures have the right to give reasonable adjustments, but not an obligation.

  • Notarized proof in English should be submitted together with the application documents.

Specific requirements for EU/EEA applicants:

Please also see the country specific requirements:
Country specific requirements may not apply to all countries, please see if Your country is on the list.


The interview will be held on Skype after you have sent your entry qualification and language requirement documents and the motivation letter. After sending them, you will receive an e-mail where you will be given a specific time for the interview.

The interview will be held by the admission committee. The interview will be held in English.

There is no specific information about the interview most probably because the questions vary from applicant to another. But we advise you to prepare some good answers to at least these questions:

  1. Why do you want to study law? (You have answered this already on the motivation letter, so don’t just copy your answer from there!)
  2. Why do you want to study at Tallinn University? Why in Helsinki?
  3. What areas of law interest you the most?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the future?

Depending on the interviewer, the questions may vary a lot. So the best advise we can give you is that you should prepare for almost anything and don’t be surprised if they ask you something that you thought they wouldn’t ask.


As a student of Tallinn University, you can apply for financial aid via KELA  (Kansaneläkelaitos/The Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Before applying, you should read the guide to financial aid for students studying abroad.

Remember that there are some restrictions to who can apply and how much the financial aid will actually be for you. All this information can be found on the webpage of Kela. You can also find out about the amount of financial aid and calculate how much aid you could get from the financial aid calculator. As a student at Tallinn University, you also have the right to apply for a student loan from Kela

We recommend you go through all the information about financial aid and student loan before you apply for them.


HOAS (Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö/The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region)

Note that as a student of Tallinn University (Helsinki Campus), you are able to apply for a student apartment via HOAS (Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö). For more information about the The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, visit their webpage

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