About Primus Gala

Primus Gala is the most appreciated and exquisite event of the year. For once you are able to dress your best. The gala consists of a three-course meal, speeches, live music, and dancing.

Bringing together academic guests, cooperation partners, alumni, students and the avecs, it is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old acquaintances.

The Primus Gala is a sophisticated celebration with its own traditions, and therefore it is important to get familiar with the gala etiquette beforehand. However, there is no need to overstress the compliance of small etiquette details, as the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the unforgettable night.

Etiquette and Good manners

The seating plan has been made beforehand, so upon arriving you should find your own seat with the help of the host/hostess. When seated it is polite to introduce yourself and your avec to the fellow guests on your table.

During speeches and other performances, dining and chatting should be paused in order to appreciate the gala host/hostess, guest speakers and artists. During the official program you should not leave the banquet room, except if there is a break or you need to powder your nose. Use your own consideration when leaving the banquet room, and avoid doing it during speeches or performances. Bear in mind that it is also impolite to return to your seat in the middle of a speech or performance, and therefore it is desirable to wait outside until such ends. The host/hostess will inform you when the breaks take place.

It is also courteous to wait until everyone in your table has been served before starting to eat. However, a warm main course may be started when the guests next to you have also been served. You can select a drink from a few options to complement your dinner, and in case you wish to have more to drink, there is an on-site bar ready to serve you.

On the tables you can find song booklets, and after singing a song we will toast. The men raise their glass first to the guest on their right side, then on the left,  and finally on the opposite side, whereas the women do the opposite order. Notice that the glasses are not supposed to tinkle, but it is polite to look the other guest in the eyes while toasting.

Ladies: evening gown

The dress shall be elegant, floor length and in subtle color. It can be strapless or long-sleeved. Wearing an expensive dress is not mandatory, it is recommendable to wear something that looks good on you and you are comfortable in. It’s also important to have your hair done nicely.

Do not forget refined jewelry, comfortable evening shoes, and a strapless clutch bag. During dinner, the clutch bag should be placed on your lap, not on the table.

Gentlemen: black tie

Men should wear a dark suit; black, dark gray or navy blue. It’s desirable that the vest matches with suit’s color. The suit shall be completed with a white shirt and double cuffs. Shoes should be dark dress shoes. You shall wear a bow tie or a tie, which should be in a subtle color or matching with the lady’s evening gown. Finish the look with careful grooming.

Academic Ribbon

The members of Primus Collegium Ry have the right to complete their look with a academic ribbon in order to proclaim unity and represent the association. The gentlemen shall wear it as a sash and it is placed under the jacket, but on top of the tie. It goes from the right shoulder down to the left. The ladies shall fold the ribbon into a rosette and pin it on the left side of chest of the gown, but the ribbon should not touch the bare skin. Further information on how to fold the ribbon into a rosette and how to wear it, can be found below. 

After Primus Gala:

There will be after party and it's desirable to change to more relaxed party mode.


Folding the student association ribbon into a rosette (ladies):

1. Begin folding by creating a 3cm fold from the left side.





2. After this, create a same sized fold from the right.












3. Next, the lower rosette will be done. The lower fold should be about 1cm wider than the upper one from both sides.












4. Then, you’ll create the rosette’s centre. Turn the rosette around and fold the ribbon diagonally upwards.












5. Spin the ribbon across the rosette.













6. In the end, turn the ribbon back over the rosette. Cut off the excess tape and sew to secure the end of the tape. (Tip: you can put clear nail polish on the edge of the ribbon, so this way the thread will not come loose) 












7. Now it’s ready and should look like this. 












The ribbon should be worn like this:

Ladies shall wear it on the left side of chest of the gown.

Men shall wear it as a sash and it is placed under the jacket, but on top of the tie. It goes from the right shoulder
 down to the left.