Primus Gala 2019

Primus Collegium/ May 3, 2019/ / 0 comments

Dear Sir/Madame, Primus requests the honour of your and your Avec’s presence at the 6th Annual Primus Gala on May 3rd 2019. Join us for an elegant evening of fine dining at Blue Peter Seaside, Vattuniemen puistotie 1, 00210 Helsinki. The Primus Gala is the greatest and most dignified event of the year. The doors will be opened at 18:30

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Primus Wappu ’19

Primus Collegium/ April 30, 2019/ / 0 comments

Wappu is here! It’s time to wear our beautiful overalls and graduation cap! Primus is celebrating the Wappu for two days: TUESDAY 30.4. At 16.30 Meet the Primus at Kukontori. We walk together to watch Mantan lakitus at Esplanade. Bring your party mood and refreshments with you! More details about the schedule after Mantan lakitus will be published later, so

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Primus Collegium Excursion to Krogerus

Primus Collegium/ April 29, 2019/ / 0 comments

Primus students, We are glad to inform you that our next excursion will be to a premier business law firm whose practice covers a broad spectrum of transactional, dispute resolution and regulatory matters. Krogerus has a particularly strong focus in the energy, finance, food and beverage, healthcare, real estate, technology and telecommunications sectors. Krogerus’ frequent involvement in international assignments means

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Primus Goes Kauniala Hospital

Primus Collegium/ April 23, 2019/ / 0 comments

Hello everyone! Primus is arranging a mini excursion and a voluntary working day with Kauniala hospital. Schedule: At 11.00 Excursion part, where the hospital CEO tells us about the hospital – the hospital’s history, current operating, and the administrative side (for example what kind of legal matters they need to work with). At 12.00-17 Orientation and spending time with the

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Rush Helsinki with Primus

Primus Collegium/ April 3, 2019/ / 0 comments

The best exercise is jumping for joy! Welcome to jump around together with Primus and your fellow students! You may challenge your friends for example in Wipeout, slam dunk or flips. Super fun and sweaty afternoon guaranteed! Since the event is open for everyone, you can bring your best jumping buddy along with you. Essentials: -Water bottle -Flexible clothes -Rush

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Primus Collegium Excursion to Hannes Snellman

Primus Collegium/ April 3, 2019/ / 0 comments

Primus students, welcome to yet another exciting excursion! Hannes Snellman is a Nordic law firm working on matters of significant importance for our clients. What sets us apart is the way we take ownership of matters entrusted to us, through our dedication to reach our clients’ goals. We are outstanding professionals working together in an empowering environment. The excursion takes

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After Exams with Primus

Primus Collegium/ March 30, 2019/ / 0 comments

After exams o’clock! Nailed it? Didn’t go at all? Doesn’t matter, all the midterm exams are now over! Primus invites you to refresh yourselves at our beloved O’Learys! Welcome to join us right after last exams on Saturday 30.3. at 12.30. See you there! 🙂

Board Game Night

Primus Collegium/ March 16, 2019/ / 0 comments

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And well, we all know how that ended. Primus invites you to blow off some steam and play a bit before midterm exams. Let’s gather together to enjoy some refreshments and/or snacks at our beloved O’Learys Forum! Board games will be played but you are also more than welcome to

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Primus goes Rock the Pole

Primus Collegium/ March 9, 2019/ / 0 comments

Dear ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to train like a beast but look like a beauty. It’s time to let your inner superstar shine. Primus literally goes to Rock the Pole! Welcome to have a super fun evening with your fellow students on a pole dance class! The class is planned for beginners, so no previous experience on pole dance

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Valentine’s Day Sitsit

Primus Collegium/ February 20, 2019/ / 0 comments

Let’s Party Hearty!💕 Kisses or clichés? Crazy in love or tired of the stupid cupid? Valentine’s Day is just another reason to party. So come spread some love with us! Tickets will be on sale on Monday 21.1.2019 at Holvi! There is limited places so be sure to get your ticket before they’re gone! (the link will be uploaded soon)

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